Our Vision


  • We seek a strong, independent and self-sufficient Aboriginal community in Toronto.
  • A community able to look after itself and its peoples.
  • We envision a community that is not marginalized, where the power emanates from individuals, families, communities and nations.
  • We seek a community with children who are knowledgeable of their ways and values and proud of who they are - children with a strong sense of identity and the confidence to participate as equals in a Native and non-Native environment.
  • We envision a community where many of our young people are encouraged to learn and practice healing ways and to become Traditional Healers.
  • We seek a community where our people are free from anger, are able to take advantage of opportunities which help them achieve their full potential and are prepared to share with others.
  • We seek a community which respects the beauty and power of nature and creation, and helps to ensure a clean and healthy environment.
  • We seek a community which is aware of the importance of good health with the resources to ensure access to health care from pre-birth (Traditional Midwives) to preparations for return to the spirit world (Traditional Healers).
  • We envision a community where our Healing Lodges are at the centre of the community accessible to all our people.
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