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Traditional Services

Please note** All ceremonies have been paused until the pandemic has subsided.

The Traditional Team is the core of AHT and works with all programs within the organization. Our team is made up of Traditional Healers from varying First Nation communities and Osh-ka-be-wis (Traditional Helpers). The team works with clients on a daily basis doing one-on-one doctoring and teachings to make sure they are healthy spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The program offers sweat lodge ceremonies which are conducted for the community, family or individual. Fasting ceremony is done in the spring and fall. Shake Tent ceremonies are done in the fall, winter, and spring and we have the Ancestors Feast twice per year.
Our Healers are integrated into many programs that are offered by AHT, giving teachings to the Community Health Workers Program and the Two Spirit Trans Program as well as providing guidance and direction to psychiatry and counselling. Healers are available for outreach services for the clients who are not able to leave their homes. Hospitals, Hospice and Palliative visits are a big part of our services for end of life ceremonies. Our healers will visit various locations such as schools to provide the youth with their spirit names, which gives them their identity and starts them on their path of learning who they are and to learn more about their ceremonies.
To Book an Appointment:

Clients must be a registered AHT client and self-identify as Indigenous. For more information on becoming an AHT client Click Here. For existing clients, please contact our Traditional Services Coordinator at (416)-920 – 2605 ext. 329 to schedule an appointment.