Anishnawbe Health Toronto

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Our Vision

An Aboriginal Community


  • That nurtures the Family Spirit and strengthens family identity by embracing and sharing culture and traditional knowledge.
  • That respects the beauty and power of nature and creation, and helps to ensure a healthy environment.
  • Where individuals and families are strong spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically, independent and self-sufficient; with ready access to Traditional Health and healing as well as culturally-safe models of care from pre-birth (Traditional Midwives) to preparation for return to the spirit world (Traditional Healers).
  • Where individuals are self-determining and able to take advantage of opportunities in order to reach their full potential and are prepared to share with others.
  • Where people have a strong sense of identity and pride, as well as being knowledgeable of their traditional ways and values.
  • Where Healing Lodges are at the centre of the community accessible to all of our people.